A mature, sexy, fresh, funky, and hip office look seems to be the theme in E-Girls ‘All Day Long Lady’.

A line formation ensues in the MV showing everyone’s versatile office style showcasing everyone favorite members. Their are so many to choose from.

Each office scene has something or someone being showcased. Who knew that you could do that much in an office setting? The homage to working women was amazing and it is clear E-Girls are becoming more mature in their sound and look.

The song has the usual pop vibe to it yet a surprise is in store for us.We switch to a rock/pop street style scene where the E-Girls are in streetwear showing each member in our favorite pink/black background.

I gave the MV a 4 out of 5 ! I wanted more of ‘All Day Long Lady’ with them in a soft office setting with various colors and backgrounds.Then the street setting we are used to. It is fun seeing them in new concepts that show different sides to the group.

Review written by miaadams215

E-Girls - All Day Long Lady
new concepts that show different sides to the group
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