Singer Eric Nam and former IOI member Somi released their lovely music video titled, “You, Who?”. The single was released back in March 2017 and since then has received a lot of attention. Since its release on CJENMMUSIC Channel, the video has received more than 3,000,000 views and counting.The music video has a cheerful and uplifting sound and concept, which fans are falling in love with.

In the music video, Eric proves to be in an upbeat mood as he drives around and singing with a smile on his face. Similarly, Somi sweetly glances over at Eric then begins to skip towards into the next room. After, the two of them spring into a room and sit across each other at the table and tenderly sing to one another.

The song itself has a nice and soothing acoustic sound. The fusion of both the acoustic guitars and light drumming makes for a timeless and comfortable track. The song also had a slight funk essence once the electric guitar solo came in midway. Which stood out nicely as it blended with Somi’s and Eric’s gentle vocals.

In the end, “You, Who?” is a sweet track with an upbeat concept. Eric never disappoints when it comes to music and always surprise fans and listeners alike. If you have not checked out the music video or heard the song…never fear Japako Music is here! Check out the video up above.

Review by Irma

Eric Nam and Somi - You, Who?
Beautiful acoustic melody, wonderful duet and warm visuals.
Nothing bad at all.
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