A Pink’s Eunji is back with her second solo album and it is better than you expected. With her sweet and innocent style, she released a mini album called “The Space” and a music video for the song “The Spring”.

“The Spring” is a sweet, fresh song, talking about young love, and the singer’s feelings regarding love. The beat is slow and really relaxing and it makes you get into her story and have the same feelings as her. Eunji talks about how lonely she feels, now that Spring has come. Spring is also known as the season when the nature comes back to life, after the cold winter, and everything is reborn. It is also a season for new beginnings. Everything around her makes her feel lonely and sad: the nature, the city, the people. She was hoping that with this new season, she could find love and nature could ” come into my frozen heart as well”. She is jealous that everyone around her is falling in love and that she is alone. The cherry blossoms that were supposed to make everyone happy, makes her depressed. It is an antithesis between the nature and her feelings. The nature is being reborn, but she feels without energy. It is a sad song with a sad message, being lonely on such a lovely time.

The music video is quite creative and it shows Eunji working as a taxi driver. She works every day and she seems bored in the video. The main thing about the video is that she keeps seeing couples and she keeps looking at them with sadness. Her customers are usually couples who show affection to each other and who are having cute relationships. She looks at them with a sad melancholy. Later we discover that she used to be in a relationship and now she remembers it with sadness. Looking at the couple makes her remember the fun, beautiful times she had with her lover. We don’t know the reason why the relationship is over, but she is not happy about it.

At the end of the video she is still alone, remembering the good times, but she is smiling, maybe with sadness, knowing that nothing can be the same it was.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

Eunji (A Pink) - The Spring
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