On 23th December, the rock Korean band called “EVE” released a new music video for their song “Melody”. It is a rock track that talks about a love story that went wrong and now the guy is being against every love song that he hears. The message that he is sending is quite powerful and the lyrics are sending a strong message. He is trying to feel better, but every time he hears the love song it brings back memories that he doesn’t want to remember. He gave up on love and his heart is empty now that his lover left him.

The music video shows the band singing in a room, giving it all into the performance. There are also some scenes with a girl who is disoriented and upset. She is screaming and she looks like she had enough suffering. At times, you can also see a guy, maybe that’s being an interpretation of the couple that they are talking about in the song. The couple that had to break up and now they are suffering because of an impossible love.

You can see the love of their music from the band’s performance and you can also feel that this in the music that they are playing: they sing it with passion and I think that is what makes the music video even more special, that you can engage with the artist while he is singing. It makes you feel like it is a live performance, due to the nature in which the music video is filmed, that the band is actually performing in your living room.

The style of the band gives me a more retro vibe, the way they are dressed and the hair style of the band makes me think of rock bands around 2000s’ and for many people this could bring back memories of the old days. Even the style of the song resembles with old rock songs.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

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EVE - Melody ft. Kim Heechul
I like the lyrics and the message of the song, I think it sends a really strong powerful message
The love story between the couple could have been more developed.
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