The video centres around 3 EXO members (Kai, Chanyeol & Suho) and how they deal with a breakup and the happy memories of their time with their ex-girlfriend. Scenes include such as a hall of mirrors, the outside of a bar and a forest full of leaves.

‘For Life’ is all about feeling like you have found your soulmate and that no matter what you want to be with them for life. It is a good song and a perfect theme for Christmas and I’d rate it at 4 out of 5!

Review written by Kirsty

EXO - For Life
It is the perfect theme for both a love song and a Christmas song and I feel that EXO have sung it perfectly.
The storyline of the video is a little bit confusing as it involves 3 members and not just one but this does not detract from how good the song is!
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