On 5th April Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko dropped “Gajah” featuring BTS’s Rap Monster.

“Gajah” joins the short but ever growing list of animated Korean music videos. Korea is notorious for producing brilliant animations so it comes as no surprise that “Gajah” is well animated. Rather than “beautiful” animation, the characters have an inhuman somewhat sinister look about them. This video provides a contrast between a mundane reality and a fantasy world. In reality (e.g the dentist surgery) we are alway trying to meet social standards while we dream of a fantasy world where we can do anything we want to.

“Gajah” is full of meaning, commenting on a key part of the human experience: the struggle between dreams and reality. The lyrics talk about being stuck between who you could be (if you followed your dream) and who society wants you to be. Contrary to the common piece of advice “take baby steps” to achieve your goal “Gajah” encourages you to take “elephant steps” and go after your dream with everything you have. Only by taking elephant steps can we truly change our reality.

Rather than to feature a vocalist with a beautiful voice Gaeko chose a brilliant idol rapper instead: Rap Monster. This is the perfect song for Rap Monster to feature on as BTS are no strangers to social commentary through their music. Working hard and chasing your dreams was a key part of BTS’s first album so Rap Monster is an ideal collaborator.

“Gajah” is for anyone with a dream. Chase your dreams one elephant step at a time.

Review written by Celena

Gaeko ft Rap Monster - Gajah
Full of meaning
Complex video with lots of layers so can be difficult to understandFrightening animation
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