Musical artists Gallant, Tablo and Eric Nam recently collaborated and dropped the music video for their track “Cave Me In.” The highly anticipated music video was released late January 2017, which has received a great amount of attention from their fans and music lovers alike. In less than a week the film surpassed one million viewers, which seems to be steadily increasing overtime. The singers here genuinely express pure emotions on their first-hand experience with love.

In the music video, Gallant, Tablo and Eric are seen out and about during a beautiful night out in Hong Kong. They walk up-and-down flights of stairs, roam slowly through alleys and brightly lit city streets. The camera follows them around at a slow but steady place and creates a dreamlike atmosphere along with capturing some interesting angles. The video is pretty straightforward, there is not much to it. Besides the artist, a woman appears here and there who seems to represents their idea of love and desire. But, overall the director kept it fairly simple.

The song itself is unforgettable in regards to the sound, vocals and production. The melodic R&B instrumental sets the tone for an almost therapeutic atmosphere. Gallant fills the air with raw yet gentle vocals. Tablo on the other hand, follows up with a playful and stimulating rap verse. Then lastly, Eric Nam utilizes his delicate vocals over the melody, which is refreshing and pleasant as it interlocks with Gallant’s voice.

In short, “Cave Me In” is an unforgettable R&B track a with mesmerizing vocals and haunting lyrics. The video is high quality and super artys, which is sure to capture any viewers attention. There is no complex story or characteristics however, it is visually stimulating as the camera person gives us great shots and different perspectives that engage viewers for the most part. This will definitely be a track caught in rotation for some time, so be sure to give a listen and watch if you have not already.

Review written by Irma

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Gallant, Tablo & Eric Nam - Cave me in
Melodic instrumental, artistic visuals and amazing vocals on the track.
Not necessary bad but the video was a simple.
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