GFRIEND dropped the music video for “Fingertip” on March 5th, 2017!

The music video is about 5 minutes long and begins with the GFRIEND member Eunha running along a rooftop, with a LED billboard glowing behind her (appropriately, showing the text “FINGERTIP”).

The sky in the background is also illuminated with stars, giving the start a fantasy feeling. This is then amplified by her jumping to catch something, maybe a star? I also have to say, I love Eunha’s outfit in this scene – the all-white outfit with the bell sleeves is gorgeous!

We are then in a bedroom, where a diary opens up with writing saying “Where are you?” This is when the real music video begins! The music kicks in with a funky beat as the clock spins rapidly backwards.

It is obvious that GFRIEND are going for the fantasy approach in this music video however it was hard to follow at times and I feel like some of the special effects were a bit much and overshadowed the rest of the music video. They made for some stunning visuals but as there was too much happening at once, it made it difficult to guess what the storyline was!

As for the dance scenes, as always, GFRIEND did a great job and I loved watching their footwork! The outfits used in the choreography shots were stunning too and they match perfectly with the latest trends!

The individual shots of the GFRIEND members were also gorgeous and they looked as if they were straight out of a fashion editorial!

As for the song, it is catchy but I feel as if they have gone too far with the retro feeling, with the “funk” style song sounding as if it came straight out of an old school SNES game!

I really enjoyed watching the music video however and I give it a 4 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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GFRIEND - Fingertip
I love the colours used in the music video - especially the blues in the sky! The outfits used in the music video are also gorgeous.
The music was too retro in a way that made it sound outdated, and like from an oldschool SNES game. The special effects were a bit overwhelming too!
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