Former lead singer of LEDApple, Jang Hanbyul, has returned to the music scene with his solo-debut ‘It’s Spring’.

Hanbyul strolls around in the fresh spring weather, all dolled-up with guitar at the ready, to sing about how spring is ‘here’ and spring is ‘nice’. In this music video it feels as if Hanbyul is giving the viewer a city-tour, and he has the best scenic views in mind!

However, there are not a lot of varying shots – most of them are shot in the same location so after a while it starts to feel a bit reptitive. 

Despite the lack of any ‘active’ romance, the music video does have a romantic air to it, which is emphasised by the song itself which invokes the feeling of a spring date(‘spring for you and me is here’). There is a second, albeit minor, character in this music video aside from Hanbyul – a stunning lady in red. From her individual shots, it seems as if she is accompanying Hanbyul(and his guitar) around the city. 

My favourite thing about this music video is how Hanbyul is styled; he looks neat and tidy in his spring-appropriate outfits – the best one being the blue-cardigan-hat co-ord.

The song itself is stunning and totally befitting of spring – Hanbyul’s characteristically strong voice tied in with the harmonies and the accordion melody work perfectly together!

I give this music video a 4 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

Hanbyul - It's Spring
Lovely scenic shots & I like Hanbyul's outfits
Some shots are a bit repetitive
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