The first track of STATION SEASON 2 by SMTOWN was revealed to be a music video by Red Velvet’s Irene!

From the get-go it’s obvious that this music video “Would U” is centred around spring – particularly flowers and cherry blossoms! In fact, although the flowers were bright, colourful, and pretty to look at, they were a bit distracting and took my attention away from the music video’s “story line”. I had to watch the music video a second time to try and actually focus on the story!

The charming actor Kim Minjae stars in this music video, particularly in “Act 2”. The music video itself is divided into “acts”, with “Act 1” being Irene walking in a garden and spotting a man. She then sits herself at a table and reads a note. I have to also say, that in this scene, the pineappple-flower vase is a cute touch, and a clever idea! 

Irene has to use a large magnifying lamp to try and read the tiny note, which says, in French; “Suivez le chemin qui mène à la Jungle”, implying that Irene can read French I guess. Basically, the note says “Follow the path to the Jungle”, which is what she does in “Act 2″!
My favourite part about the music video is the individual shots of Irene singing against a blue background with cherry blossoms falling all around her! It is a perfect beauty and visual shot of Irene and it really invokes the feeling of Spring!

”Act 3” is when Irene finally meets Minjae after receiving a note about a “Secret Garden”. The couple meet at the end of the music video under a gorgeous arch, and it seems almost like a wedding ceremony as Minjae is wearing a suit and Irene is wearing a white dress!

The music video is adorable and the couple’s interactions seem natural, however most of the focus DOES seem to be on the garden rather than the actors! The flowers did make for gorgeous visuals and the colours matched perfectly with Irene’s white dress and toned down makeup. 

However, other than being aesthetically pleasing, the music video was somewhat boring and I had to watch it a few times over to follow the story without being distracted by all of the flowers! The song itself also didn’t really leave a lasting impression of me. As a result, I give the music video a 3 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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Irene and Kim Min Jae - Would U
The flowers made for gorgeous visuals!
I found it hard to focus on the story of the music video at times!
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