Musical artist, IU has finally made a comeback with her sweet and melodic track, “Through the Night.” The music video was released late March 2017 along with her new album titled, Palette. The singer returns back to the music scene with a soft ballad and sentimental film.

In the video, IU can be seen sitting down as she sings into a mic, which she continues to do so throughout the video. In another scene, the singer is seen sitting on the floor simply knitting away as a small glowing green dot appears floating around her. Her reaction is very innocent and almost child-like. Which you see a few more time, for example when she slides down while she sits on the stairs or when she plays with the sunlight and mirror. The film itself transcends the concept of being in a state of tranquility and peacefulness. Which illustrates a image of warmth and safety as well.

The song on the other hand, has a lovely instrumental. The acoustic ballad has a gentle melody that fits perfectly with IU soft and angelic vocals. The song again share a warm touch just like the video, which is soothing and peaceful to listen to.

In result, the music video is a simply innocent and peaceful work of art. The music video was calming and left a viewer in a peaceful state. The song as well enhanced the this great feeling of tranquility, which really enhanced IU vocals.

Review written by Irma

IU- Through the night
Beautiful videography, soothing vocals and peaceful concept.
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