After being long awaited by the fans, Jooheon from Monsta X released his latest solo called “Rhythm” on 17th of January, under the Starship record label. The song talks about Jooheon’s struggles about being an idol and the pressure of fame and the industry. He is also grateful to the fans for always showing support and devotion.

As we’ve seen before in Monsta X’s other comebacks, Jooheon always shows a great sense of style, a bad boy attitude and phenomenal rapping skills. This mixtape does not disappoint at all. The video totally suits the rapper’s style, and gives you the chance to follow him around the city while he talks about his feelings. I would say he is abandoning the typical commercial Kpop style, to embrace a more underground rapper concept. In the video, Jooheon is alone,drinking, talking to the camera, as if he was talking to his audience, trying to send a message. Most of the video is black and white, maybe trying to give it a more dramatic look. He looks more like a rebel, trying to prove himself and show what he is capable of. He has the rhythm in his veins and all he wants is to please the fans and shut the haters.

We have seen a lot of these transformations in the past few years, with rappers from famous kpop bands, releasing mixtapes and solo debuts, that would suit more their personal style. They are also trying to prove that they are more than just the agency lets them be. They can write, produce their own music. The music videos itself is quite simple, with a few visual effects, the main character being Jooheon. The music video allows you to focus more on the message of the song, and the rapper’s emotions, rather than stealing the spotlight with useless visual effects or choreographies.

Review by Andreea

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Jooheon (MONSTAX) - Rhythm
Shows the real side of Jooheon and sends a message to his fans, and puts him into the spotlight.
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