“Your Wedding” is one of the two lead tracks taken from Jun.K’s album 77-1X3-00 and it’s an amazing ballad where you can get the best out of this talented artist. It’s not only his voice that shines, it’s also the instrumentals and the MV that comes along with, making it not only a pleasure to hear but also to watch.

The MV depicts the story of a marriage, with 2PM’s colleague Nichkhun and Twice’s Nayeon as actors. You can see her in a beautiful wedding dress, walking towards Nichkhun, both looking stunning and in love. But no, your heart breaks, as she’s waling over him, towards the altar where someone else waits for her. “I’m glad I’m here to see you smile”, the lyrics says, one of the most powerful, still painful love declarations towards someone who does not belong to you anymore.

I think we can all relate to his pain, and we do all feel with him, we feel the pain, the sorrow, but also the gratefulness of seeing her happy. The beauty shown in the lyrics and in this MV are highlighted by Jun.K’s powerful voice, which is able to transmit a lot of emotions and the black and white scenery of this MV makes everything even more beautiful…and painful. The fineness of the outfits, of the single scenes in this MV are definitely worth having a look, you won’t regret!

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Jun.K - Your Wedding
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