South Korean DJ, Justin Oh teamed up with Sistar’s Hyolyn for the EDM track “Jekyl & Hyde”. The track, released both in English as well as in a Korean version. While Hyolyn sings the refrain only in the English version, the Korean one is sung entirely by her.

While Hyolyn’s powerful does not fully come out or even shine in the English version, you can appreciate her voice much more in the Korean version, where she was able to demonstrate her vocal capabilities throughout the song. Nevertheless, both versions are nice to listen to, especially if you are a EDM lover.

Nevertheless, it’s a big step forward for her career. This is the first collaboration for her with Spinning Records, one of the most well known EDM labels worldwide.

The MV that comes along with the track has two slightly different versions, mostly focused on a more rigorous censorship for the Korean version. The MV depicts a storyline basically dealing with a woman commanding to “find him and bring him to me”. The scenarios differ from panoramic views of a metropolis to closed up from different women and masked men.

The men whose faces are covered in silver masks, are supposedly searching for “him”, and I guess it’s the man we with the suitcase we see soon after they’re after. The chasing begins, and we confusingly get involved in the hunt, leaving me perplexed toward the end, having to deal with an apparent dead body of “him”, whose face is covered with a white sheet. How did they catch him? What’s in the suitcase? Who is the woman? What’s the relation of “him” to the gang we see in this MV? Way too many questions still open, don’t you think? Confusing, frustrating still intriguing.

Review written by moed88

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