Power rookies KARD returned on November 21st with a new EP titled “You & Me”. As the only co-ed K-pop band making waves in the scene at the moment, KARD used this to their advantage in their latest music video for “You In Me”, the title track of their new album, playing two couples living together and where everything is not as it seems.

Following their previous releases, “You In Me” continues the trend of heavy Western and Latin influences, employing a similar moombahton and reggaeton-inspired beat to that found in their previous singles, including “Don’t Recall” and “Rumor”. As one of the only groups to have fully embraced this more mature, Western-radio-friendly sound, KARD have successfully established their own niche, as well as a notably large and enthusiastic international fanbase to go with it.

However, while the song itself is not bad at all, it’s a little too similar-sounding to the aforementioned singles to have quite as much impact, with regards to the tempo, beat and song structure in particular. The verses are pleasantly different though, with Jiwoo singing over a sultry and minimal RnB-inspired electric piano accompaniment, and personally these are my favourite parts of the song; unfortunately the song moves away from this vibe quickly and abruptly with BM and J.seph’s rap verses, which, while are fine in themselves, sound rather jarring against the vibe set out by the verses.

The music video is by far one of KARD’s best so far, with a narrative which mirrors the lyrics that speak of a desperate love:

“I’m calling out to you

But you don’t answer, I apologize

You are the only one I love love

I can’t let you go

You’re forever in me”

Dark and sinister, the video is set in two houses where both couples (Jiwoo x BM and J.seph x Somin respectively) live, and we see the couples interacting as normal. As the video progresses we see that BM and J.seph are in fact just cold corpses with whom Jiwoo and Somin are attempting to interact, and the mood abruptly becomes grim with shadowy and cold lighting to contrast against the previously warm. The video is especially creepy with Jiwoo’s scene where she shaves BM’s face in the bath, and overall the video leaves a haunting impression, to the credit of the video director and the members’ acting.

While it seems like the video would have benefited more from a release timed with Halloween, overall KARD’s comeback is strong and adds another great song to their repertoire. Hopefully, their next release will show a different side to their music and bring about a new era for KARD’s development into fully fledged artists.

Review by Vivien W.

K.A.R.D - You In Me
Great video with easy-to-understand but effective narrative
Good acting from the members
Excellent lighting and set design for a creepy horror-inspired effect
Choreography in the video is not as eye-catching or memorable as it has been previously
Song style is a little too similar to previous releases
Abrupt style changes disrupt the flow especially from the verses
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