Krystal and June One Kim draw fans in with an artsy and shocking music video for their single track “I Don’t Want To Love You.” The video officially released on February 2017 on BANATV. The two singers unite and collaborate on this project to bring forth a dark and curious concept that will leave you in awe.

The music video right away captures our attention with footage of legs and the sound of silence. Suddenly, Krystal appears to be standing still in one room for a while. Then she is seen crawling out of another very slowly. It feels eerie. Which it continues to do so as images of a burning man comes crashing down from a great height. Also, there is a violence domestic scene of strangulation. To add to the already haunting video the film is shot on a gray scale. There is very minimal color because it is mostly in black and white leaving a creepy overtone.

The song itself had a haunting and melodic sound. The instrumental beats and instruments are quite eccentric yet mesmerizing. Vocally, the two are a great pair. They both balance each out as Krystal adds a soft and harmonic touch while June sets a sensual yet bold undertone.

Overall, “I Don’t Want To Love” is pushing outside the box of common traditional styles in Korean music. The video shares some startling images and the song carries elements of darkness in its’ melody. This may cause some viewers to turn away; whereas others might find it intriguing and continue to watch and listen. While this concept pushes the bounds of what K-Pop is known or imagined to be it is certainly something that will spark interest for many viewers.

Review written by Irma

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Krystal and June One Kim - I Don't Want To Love You
Interesting, dramatic, engaging, and visually stimulating.
Although the song is in English sometimes lyrics are unintelligible.
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