Lee Hae Ri - Pattern
The lyrics of the song is really creative and beautifully writen.
Not catchy; maybe a little bit too simple.
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Lee Hae Ri (Davichi) surprised her fans with really good quality music and a new concept that we haven’t seen before. She released her first solo album called “H” on April 19th, and released 2 music videos that match perfectly with the concept of the album.

The first music video for the song “Pattern” is quite a simple video that has some aesthetically nice effects and makes you want to concentrate on the video. It doesn’t show much, it doesn’t have a story line to follow or any important action.

The video shows the singer in different backgrounds, with some nice effects and background images. Her fashion style is really beautiful and she looks impeccable as always. Her expression is sad and depressed to match with the message of the song. Because the song is a sad ballad that talks about a relationship that is not working anymore. The couple is trying to save the relationship, but they can see that there is no hope. They are blaming each other and think it is over already. They find no pleasure in spending time together and everything seems like a pattern of boring actions that happen every day. It is quite a sad message of the song, showing how much relationships fade in time no matter how perfect they were at the beginning. She is sad and complaining about the waste of time this relationship is. She thinks they should end it once in for all. The Music Video follows the concept of the song, showing a depressed Lee Hae Ri thinking about what her relationship should be like. The Music video doesn’t quite send the message of the lyrics, it is more of an aesthetic concept, with loads of random pictures put together.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

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