“Now, We” by a Lovelyz is a music video that is all about pastel tones, eye-catching aesthetics, and being charming. The video demonstrates how befitting Lovelyz are of the girl group image.

“Now, We” is quite similar to their previous release “Ah-Choo” so the girls are certainly playing up a nostalgic vibe.

 This music video follows the story of a shy love; Lovelyz encounter their male love interest at various points in the video and they act in an embarrassed way when the guy so much as touches their hand! They reach their limit in their comfort zone, as is displayed by the “fireworks” and the “awkward” feet choreography(which was a really cute touch)!

As somebody who is a sucker for cute pastel colours, this music video certainly touched my aesthetic-loving side. The video has a dream-like quality to it in that the colour filters are quite hazy, which is amplified by the music video sets and the girls’ outfits. I especially liked how each set was coloured in a way that made the girls stand out more – especially beside the props! For example, the props used are always brighter in colour in comparison to the walls etc(hazy purple vs bright yellow). 

The choreography in this music video was so fun to follow! The arm-dance was enough to make me want to follow along and sing the song together with Lovelyz!

“Now, We” as a song itself is also quite catchy and I would even go as far as saying it is one of Lovelyz’ best releases to date! 

Finally, it goes without saying that the fashion and styling in the music video is also superb. Lovelyz are totally up to date with trends and their pastel blue jackets are to die for! I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out all across fashion stores! The only fashion faux-pas that I didn’t quite like was the blue socks and the yellow shoes. Let’s not move into fashion terrorism, Lovelyz.

I give the music video a 5 out of 5 rating!

Lovelyz – Now, We
Entertainment: Woollim Entertainment
Release date: May 2, 2017
Gorgeous colours and cute concept!
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