LUNAFLY come back with another fantastic track: ‘Dreaming ‘bout you’, a R&B/soul ballad sung by one half of the LUNAFLY duo, 28-year-old English-Korean Sam Carter. Musically and lyrically, the track is fantastic and really showcases Sam’s amazing and smooth vocals. The track has many LUNAFLY’s not disappointed: it’s a well-executed track, and proves Sam Carter to a formidable artist.

A studio version MV was released on 13th April 2017, showing Sam in the studio singing the track. What’s so great to see is MVs like this which just focus on the track, the music, the sound, and the feel of the song itself. It’s always refreshing to have an artist do a studio version MV as we get a chance to see them at work, in their own space, and at their most natural, without the façade of a super colourful and sometimes irrelevant MV! Instead, here, we get to see Sam at his best and at his most artistic.

The black-and-white recording also makes this more dynamic and interesting to watch: and also forces us to focus on the track itself. It’s like getting up close and personal with your favourite artist without getting too close! The MV is a great way of communicating such a brilliant track!

Overall, it’s great to see Sam Carter releasing—on behalf of LUNAFLY—some amazing tracks. With their recent release of “This Isn’t You” in December 2016 and the solo debut of Yun, to see Sam continue writing music is great! We wish LUNAFLY ongoing success!

Review written by Tariq

Lunafly - Dreaming 'bout you
Track is great! Good to focus on the artist through this kind of MV.
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