“This isn’t you” talks about the boy who is worried about his lover’s behaviour. He doesn’t understand why she is acting so distant, why she is saying unusual things, or why she is always on her phone. Though the song he is trying to communicate with her and he is asking what is wrong. He doesn’t know if this is about a breakup or something is actually happening, he just wants things to be as they were before. The music video itself is quite simple, the 2 singers are in a coffee shop, singing to the girl, expressing their feelings, while the girl is being distant or totally ignoring them, sending the message that they are trying to express in the lyrics.

The Music Video doesn’t show much, it is quite minimalist and it doesn’t have any scenery changes or action. The beat is slow and appropriate for a love song and it matches the lyrics. There is an instrumental version for the song as well, for those who would like to enjoy the beat in a more calming and relaxing way.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

LUNAFLY- This Isn't You
The song makes you relaxed and calm
It could have been more creative since nothing is really happening in the music video.
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