Musical artist, Lyn, has made a return with her latest track and music video titled “20th Century Carol.” Around early December 2016, the singer lent her voice to the beautiful and timeless ballad, which is accompanied along with a well done cinematic video.

The video shares a beautiful meeting between two young children in a cinematic array of events. The film begins with the two of them getting ready to go out, which they do by fixing their hair and changing into weather appropriate attire for the cold. The little boy then makes his way to meet-up with his female companion where she is patiently waiting for him. After a long travel, he manages to get through a sea of people and find his friend. Both children admire each other from afar before they sweet embrace one another and go off to have their fun.

The camerawork really helped capture the innocence and shy feelings these two loving characters symbolized. Each frame was beautifully shot and organized, which told the story to the viewer in an adorable and dynamic way. When the song begins to play, the bright country ballad and Lyn’s gorgeous vocals created a sense of romance for both the song and the video as well.

In the end, “20th Century Carol” is a wonderful ballad that represent a time of purity and love. The music video gives the viewer a sense that they are viewing a classic cinematic film – while being completely charming and heartfelt. Lyn’s sweet voice enhances the feeling of innocence – making it a perfect fit for both the music video and song. If you have not watched the M/V yet, please do! It is a timeless piece of work and simply adorable.

Review written by Irma

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Lyn- 20th Century Carol
Beautiful cinematography, timeless ballad and adorable concept.
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