On 2nd of February 2017, the famous rapper and songwriter, Mad Clown released a new music video for the song “Lost Without you” featuring Bolbbalgan4 an indie female duo under Shofar Music.

The song itself talks about how lost you must feel after you lose the person you love and how hard it is to find your inner peace and your way back home. The artists talk about how disappointed they are because they didn’t do enough to keep their love close to them. It is a sad ballad, that touches your soul, especially if you have suffered from love. The line that impressed me the most was “I wanted to be a two story house to you/But I was only a room. I’m sorry”, highlighting the struggle of not being good enough. The beautiful clear voice of the girl matches perfectly with the rasping voice of Mad Clown creating a melancholic vibe making you feel the real meaning of the song.

The music video is quite simple, it shows the artists recording in the studio. It is also black and white, giving you a more retro vintage vibe. In my opinion the music video does not match the meaning of the song, the actual music video could be a Behind The Scenes clip. Since they are talking about such an emotional and sentimental topic, the music video could have been more meaningful and maybe they could have shown a real love story who went wrong, to portray the lyrics of the song.

Mad Clown is appreciated for his honesty, being considered a storyteller, rather than a typical rapper who talks about money fame or girls. He touches sensitive topics that is why I think the music video and the song matches his style of music. However, the creativity of the music video could have been better.

I think Overall, it is a nice video that shows the process of creation of the song, the 3 artists enjoying each other company while working hard to release their new song. It makes you feel relaxed while enjoying the beautiful sounds. I think the simple music video is a way of putting the lyrics and the beat on the spotlight, rather than having a catchy music video who would steal everyone’s attention from the actual meaning of the song.

Review by Andreea

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Mad Clown - Lost Without You (ft. Bolbbalgan4)
Matches with Mad Clown's previous work and also Bolbbalgan4's indie style.
The Music video could have been more creative, since the topic of the song gives you many opportunities to expand the music video.
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