On 24th of January, the 4 member girl group “Melody Day” released their latest music video for the song called “You Seem Busy”. The 4 girls (Yeoeun, Chahee, Yein and Yoomin) who debuted under the LEON Entertainment in 2014, have been known and appreciated for their love songs and collaboration in famous OST dramas like “Master’s Sun” , “I Can Hear Your Voice”, “My Daughter Seo Young”, “Golden Time” etc.

The song talks about a person who works so hard and does not have a break or time to enjoy life. The girls try to cheer him up and tell him that he is doing a great job, and that his situation will get better. They also encourage him to take it slow and take care of himself.

The music video itself could be considered quite simple, the scenery is a luxury restaurant where the main guy in the video works as a waiter. This is a story about him, and his struggles as he tries to make a living by himself. The scene at the beginning with him on the subway, seeing a couple in love spending time together, makes him melancholic and sad, realising he can’t have that because he is working too much.

The camera follows the man during his working shift, making you feel like you are part of his story. He can see couples or families enjoying their meals together, while he has to work every day, smiling at people even though he is tired and upset. At some point, the girls from the group sing in the restaurant, sending a message to the guy, telling him he is doing a good job, trying to cheer him up.

I think the music video sends an emotional message, for all the young people who have to give up the things that make them happy and relaxed in life just because of financial issues. It shows that life is harsh and unfair, but it also proves that with the help of others, and the community, it can get better. You just need certain people in your life that can always show support so that you can get through rough times.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

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Melody Day - You Seem Busy
The boy's acting is really good and you can feel his emotions and pain.
The conflict between the waiter and the couple could have been developed or explained better
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