It’s amazing to see MONSTA X taking the Hallyu world by storm! With the release of the final instalment of “The Clan” series, and their first full-length album, “The Clan Part 2.5: Beautiful”, comes the release of an accompanying—and equally brilliant—MV.

Uploaded to YouTube on 21st March 2017, the MV for the eponymous title track of the album ‘Beautiful’ is something that will only make you love MONSTA X more. With the release of their previous “The Clan” MVs, we have seen the group do some interesting things, and this MV is no different: a beautifully crafted, well executed, and stunningly choreographed MV!

The opening of this MV is definitely one of the most interesting parts. Before we can even ease into the track, we see each of the members in their particular setting, in different rooms with very different feelings and settings. Whatever they symbolise, the recurrence of the blue flower of ‘All In’ is a definite allusion to the initial story that we got with the first “The Clan” MV. The settings are beautifully displayed and we definitely get intrigued by what the rooms symbolise and what they mean.

The choreography set, however, is the fantastically beautiful: a rectangular stage with a beautiful blue mosaic design. The simplicity of the choreography set totally contrasts to the intricacies of the individual members’ sets and one that captures our attention more by virtue of its simplicity.

Of course, with any amazing choreography set, there is a great choreography. Once again, MONSTA X pull off a brilliant choreography, one as powerful and hard-hitting as ‘Hero’ and yet with a much softer and lighter feeling that matches the beauty of the chorus in particular (and the coat choreography is definitely an interesting touch!) Rather than sharp and jolted movements of ‘Hero’, here we see MONSTA X’s fluidity and emotion flow through the choreography in a way that we have not seen. However, it is still definitely MONSTA X’s choreography and one that maintains their style.

The symbolism of the MV definitely alludes back to images from ‘All In’ and ‘Fighter’, without being overt or too obvious. This helps makes the MV standalone without losing its legitimacy as the conclusion to the series. It’s a powerful MV and one that you can watch over and over again for its beautiful execution and visual kaleidoscope.

Overall, MONSTA X has released an MV that—though necessarily absolutely memorable—sets them apart from their previous releases and gives us a more mature and engaged feeling than their earlier MV releases. It’s a powerful MV and one that you can interpret in a variety of ways without losing the narrative and story that we have been eased into from the initial MVs. As ever, MONSTA X have produced a beautiful MV, one that sets the group apart in Hallyu and makes them stand out as highly talented idols. Well done, MONSTA X!

Review written by Tariq

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