Royal Pirate guitarist and vocalist sends listeners a sweet tune with his solo track “Dark Chocolate.” Right before Valentine’s Day, Moon Kim released an adorable music video just in time for fans and lovers to enjoy. The track was produced, composed and arranged by Moon Kim himself, and Seulgi Park. This video and track will surely warm-up many hearts and fill them with both love and joy.

The music video is filmed in a cute and artsy style that says love is certainly in the air. A character sitting besides the window sips his warm drink as he watches couples pass by. He peers at the lovers and begins to have ideas of the kind of gifts to surprise his beloved with once they meet. As many seasons pass and it becomes a snowy winter day; our character then finally sees his sweetheart to which they meet with a fine kiss.

The song itself is beautifully arranged and produced. Seulgi and Moon Kim did an outstanding job. “Dark Chocolate” has a sweet melodic instrumental that falls softly on the ears and leaves a peacefulness within the listener.

In short, “Dark Chocolate” is a wonderful track accompanied by an adorable video. It is nice to see Moon Kim sharing his musical gift with this very solo. He truly shines vocally as he does with every strum of his guitar. If you are interested or like indie love songs then this track is totally for you. Check out the video above and enjoy, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Review written by Irma

Moon Kim - Dark Chocolate
Adorable and sweet concept that stuck true to the melody of the track.
Nothing bad however some scenes and characters kept repeating in the video.
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