The charming Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK have yet again returned with a music video titled “American Girls”.

“American Girls” opens up with a huge in-your-face text of the music video title, which reminds me somewhat of a 90s comedy or chick-flick movie. As the title implies also, this video is about chasing after (or being chased by) “American Girls”.

The music video is filmed with a musty, hazy grey-toned filter; something that ONE OK ROCK has become affiliated with at this stage. The setting for the video itself is on a busy street in what looks like Manhattan or New York,

ONE OK ROCK’S lead singer Takahiro is the star in this music video as he cruises around the city streets(looking quite bewildered). Little does he know, however is that he is being spied on! There is a tag team of girls waiting to ambush him and possibly cause him some harm. This plot of the music video plays out like a spy movie in fact, with the use of binoculars, walkie talkies and top secret documents.

Takahiro then, as the music video goes on, sits next to a pretty blonde lady, who subtly pushes over a file on Takahiro. It is only then that the pair notice they are waiting to be ambushed! Like in a romance movie, the duo run together hand in hand only to have Takahiro shoved into the back of a shady white van with the rest of the ONE OK ROCK members.

I’m a little confused as to the exact plot of this music video, but it was fun to watch nonetheless! I loved the architecture in the western style buildings and the bustling city setting! It was humorous to watch the mayhem ensue as Takahiro runs away hand in hand with one of his “American Girls”.

As always with ONE OK ROCK music videos, I loved the shots of the band that are wedged between the music video’s storyline. It is always heartwarming to see how much passion ONE Ok ROCK put into their performances, even in music videos! My favourite part is how the band are styled at the end of the video(after being quaintly tied up and shoved into a van), they all seem to wearing matching outfits!

As for the song itself, although it strays from the usual stylings of ONE OK ROCK, as this is a track done in entirely English, I understand that it caters more to western fans. It has a western pop-punk vibe to it, but ONE OK ROCK pull it off very well!

Overall I enjoyed watching this fun and adrenaline filled music video and I give it a 5 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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ONE OK ROCK - American Girls
Humorous storyline, pleasant music video setting
I wish the storyline was longer!
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