ONE OK ROCK teamed up with well renowned 5 Seconds of Summer for their latest track “Take What You Want”.

The song is surely pleasant to listen to and the refrain is catchy and sticks to your mind immediately. It comes along with a flashy, yellow and black lyrics video, which helps us to focus on the lyrics, and highlights the power of the words in it.

One of the best things of this track is the great balance of voices. Taka shines brightly and his voice is greatly compensated by Luke’s one, offering an interesting collaboration, which surely aims to broaden the fame of this Japanese group towards an ever wider audience.

What I do miss in this track are Japanese lyrics. In my opinion, mixing up both languages was and is one of the best characteristics ONE OK ROCK has.

Still, a good collaboration of two talented bands.

Review written by moed88

ONE OK ROCK - Take What You Want ft. 5 Seconds Of Summer
good blending of Taka's and Luke's voice
no Japanese lyrics
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