On December 19th, Block B’s Park Kyung released a video for his solo track ”Ogeul Ogeul”!

The track is not actually new, as it is a remix from the version which was included in his 2013 mixtape, but the new video is perfect to give it more spotlight!

First, you might wonder what the title means. ”Ogeul Ogeul” actually refers to the feeling you can get when someone in love is being too cheesy. You can totally feel it when you check the lyrics :
« Please sign my cheeks, your red lips as the ball pen
I know I know it’s cheesy cheesy but I like you so I want to do it»

The original version was released on Valentine’s Day, and to suit it talks about the simple insouciance of a sweet relationship.

The song in itself is very simple and refreshing, with a catchy beat. The chorus might as well get stuck in your head for a little while. Also, this live version allows us to hear Kyung’s voice better.

The video is very cute and funny, as he sings while struggling to fry an egg. It’s enjoyable because it shows his personality.

You should definitely check it out !

Review written by Jéhanne

Park Kyung - Ogeul Ogeul
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