The Japanese indie trio is back with a new, interesting album. The title track “Highway” is a collaboration with Hideki Matsutake & Michiko Lodon Koshino and it fully demonstrates how amazingly this group is developing musically.

“Highway” is a complex electro rock-drenched track, which throws us back in the ’80 and still, it’s modern components pushes us towards a highly complex track which is really enjoyable to listen to. It’s not only the addicting vibe, the happy feeling transmitted by the refrain, it’s also the delicate, still manly voice of this track that strikes without a doubt.

Obviously, the MV as well, has the right touch of retro in it, giving us the feeling we’re watching it from an old CRT television. The mixture of old and new is not only depicted in the musical style, the MV shows us space shuttles, futuristic landscapes and scenarios to fully enjoy along with the music.

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Every sound fits perfectly with Plasticzooms as a band
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