Released as the title track for their 17th November 2017 second studio-album, ‘Peek-A-Boo’ is an up-tempo pop track with a house and synthopop undertones. Of course, with any album that meets international success, there is a great complementary MV and ‘Peek-A-Boo’ is no different. The MV is a great post-Halloween themed MV with a lot of fun and freaky imagery. So, let’s get into it!

The opening image is a pizza delivery boy doing his job before getting into a bizarre situation with the members who bring him into their house, tie him up for some ghostly candlelit ritual, eat green jelly together, before chasing him out with the threat of being shot by a crossbow. What we discover is that he meets his fate eventually, leaving behind his red shirt, like others before him (when the members are running through their house, we can see other glass display cabinets with different coloured shirts…again, let’s not ask too many questions!) Whatever the story, the preparation for the ‘murder’ is filled with lots of cute scenes, some exaggerated black humour, and of course only allusions for the final murder.

Matched with a weird and whacky storyline is a simple and straightforward choreography that anyone can join in with. The choreography scenes are particularly shown during the choruses where it matches perfectly with the house and synthopop tones.

The outfits for this MV are also great: from pure red (whatever that might symbolise) to rainbow outfits, the MV puts everything together beautifully to make this visually interesting and engaging to watch.

What makes this MV such an interesting watch though is the small features that allude to seemingly Halloween images without being as dark: the MV is still incredibly bright and colourful (and whatever the pizza symbolises, I guess we’ll never know!). However, it’s features like the massive moon, the weapons being thrown at the members, and members circling around the candles that make you uneasy and uncomfortable and make you anticipate a weird and frightening end.

Overall, this is a great MV: it’s weird, whacky, unnerving and cute, and an MV that you’ll watch again and again and always be entertained. If you need a post-Halloween treat, then this is it.

Review by Tariq

Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo
It’s super weird, whacky, unnerving, yet cute and fun.
Will they ever explain why they’re murdering people?!
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