On 23rd January, San E, a rapper under Brand New Music, released a colourful MV for his track “I Am Me”. I Am Me is the 6th track on San E’s latest EP, Season of Suffering, which explores the concept of accepting yourself just as you are. After all, as the saying goes: be yourself because everyone else is taken. I Am Me is by far the liveliest track on the EP and the video does not disappoint, filled with colour and humour this video is made to entertain.

The video introduces four individuals each with their own quirks. There is the flashy guy who likes to show off, the instagram addict, the socially awkward geek and the glamorous shopaholic searching for love. Throughout the course of the video we see these four characters interact with each other in hilarious fashion, their quirks taking centre stage, from chance encounters to an awkward first date. The chorus is uber colourful, filled with San E dancing with a silhouette and the four characters nodding their heads in perfect unison while looking incredibly depressed. The video is like a manhwa, utilizing on-screen text to express the characters thoughts and feelings. There is also the use of animation throughout the video which adds playfulness and humour.

Despite these “exciting” lives, all is not what it seems as at the end of the video these public personas unravel. The glamorous woman who likes to shop is ordinary and spends her nights alone eating ramyun; the girl with the instagram perfect life puts a lot of effort into creating the facade and the seemingly rich guy with the flashy car borrowed it from his mother. Shocker!

Strip away the fun exterior and you’ll find an array of beautiful messages. The most prominent message is to love and accept yourself the way you are and live without fear of what other people think. Perhaps a subtler message is that you shouldn’t judge your life by the exterior of others as we’re all pretending and suffering a little bit on the inside.

Overall, this is an entertaining video which oozes San E’s fun personality. It is filled with scenes to make you laugh from San E on the toilet to the flashy guy being beaten by his mother. This is a fun video perfect for all moods.

Review written by Celena

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San E - I Am Me
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