Seo In Guk, the sweet singer signed with Jellyfish entertainment enlisted on the 28th March. Like many other male idols, Seo In Guk left his fans a goodbye present to soothe their pain: a music video for his self-composed song “Better Together” released two days before his enlistment. Seo In Guk performed Better Together at his last concert titled “Mint Chocolate.”

Better Together starts with Seo In Guk seated on a pier overlooking the sea while the sky is coloured a gorgeous reddish orange and decorated with the dark silhouettes of trees. Shortly into the video Seo In Guk vacates the bench (perhaps representative of him briefly leaving the industry). As he ambles away from the bench, glancing over his shoulder, the video smoothly transitions into clips of him performing “Better Together” at his final concert, “Mint Chocolate”.

For those fans who couldn’t attend “Mint Chocolate”, this is a great opportunity to experience some of the emotions of that night. Seo In Guk passionately performs “Better Together”, closing his eyes to savour his last performance before enlistment.

The lyrics are beautiful, personal and filled with raw emotion and sincerity. Better Together is about the journey Seo In Guk and his fans have been on for the last seven years. It’s also about the good memories and the strength his fans have given him through the tough time. Seo In Guk reminds fans that they’re only parting briefly and they will soon be together again. These beautiful lyrics are projected on a screen at the concert so fans can sing along.

The video is well made and transports you into the audience, even if you were unable to attend that night you can feel each note reverberate throughout your body. Many fans are likely to find this video emotional and might shed a tear or two while watching this parting gift. Better Together will surely bring memories flooding back for any fan who was able to attend “Mint Chocolate” and bid farewell to the sweet Seo In Guk.

Better Together: a beautiful music video for a gorgeous song sung by an incredible individual. Seo In Guk will surely be missed in the industry, we are already eagerly awaiting his return. Many fans cannot wait to be together again.

Review written by Celena

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