Seohyun of the highly acclaimed Girls’ Generation has made her solo debut with the track “Don’t Say No”!

Honestly, I was surprised with this music video. I didn’t expect Seohyun to go with a sexy, sultry concept, but she hit us with the glamorous “Don’t Say No”. Frankly speaking I figured Seohyun would go with a girl crush or girl-next-door concept, but I was pleasantly surprised with the stylings of this music video.

As I mentioned before, this music video is glamorous. Seohyun opens up the music video gazing into the camera and looking fabulous. The camera then pans onto a plate of food with sauce being splashed onto it. Seohyun then begins her singing in a nerdy, hippyish outfit(the glasses do not suit her in my opinion)!

The first scene is in a kitchen and also what seems to be a hardware room with various handy tools in the background. The whole scene is quite hard to pick out honestly as the music video uses very dark lighting contrasted by Seohyun’s luminous fashion choices – possibly just to make her stand out all the more?

The whole story behind this music video is a date. Seohyun displays that she is not a domestic goddess with her cooking for the guy of choice in this music video(although the cake does look deliciosu). She decides to feed the poor guy an assortment of screws! The storyline in my opinion however, isn’t really needed as most of the music video scenes are simply close ups of Seohyun and dance scenes.
My favourite thing about the music video was the dance cuts! Seohyun dances surprisingly well with her backup dancers and the choreography was fun to follow! If this whole music video was simply a dance video, that would be so much better!

As for the fashion choices in the music video, I loved them. Everything from Seohyun’s hair style, makeup style, to her red caged mini dress with the fluffy bracelets.. she pulls it off so well!

Overall the music video was quite nice to watch; it is aestethically pleasing with the use of colour only for Seohyun and for the various fashion choices! I give it a 4 out of 5 rating.

Review written by Isabelle

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