Early January 2017, Seulong ​from 2AM released the music video for his digital single “That
Moment​” on the V Line App channel, Sidus HQ. The gentle ballad features actor Choi Woo Shik and model Kim Ah Hyun, which play a cute couple in the music video. Here Seulong entertains viewers and fans alike with a heartbreaking concept about losing a lover to someone else.

On a cold night, a man (Woo Shik​) walks out of a local store only to find his ex-lover (Ah Hyun​) standing in front of him. The two talk and walk together side-by-side as memories of their past relationship unfold. In a cinematic and drama-like illustration, viewers see how shy they were in the beginning of their romantic relationship. They sit by each other on some steps while playing games, when suddenly, Ah Hyun quickly plants a kiss on her sweetheart’s cheek. After this, the couple is shown fighting, our female actor sobbing and the relationship seems to end here. However, during their walk their hands casually brush against each other but they both pull away. While it seems the two have moved on – towards the end of the video, the two embrace one another leaving us wondering, do they still have feelings for each other?

The song itself, “The Moment” is a bittersweet sentimental ballad. The instrumental tells the story of love and heartbreak though its light melody and lyrics. Seulong’s vocals are suitable for such a track since his voice is soft and soothing, not to mention he gives a nice solid performance. The way he also manipulates the notes shows just how great of a singer he is as a soloist.

Overall, “The Moment” is an entertaining yet heartbreaking music video followed with a gentle melody. I did not know what to expect from Seulong, possibly a sad and simple video but, I am quite impressed with this project. He has released previous singles before, this makes it his 3rd single so far, and I can only expect more amazing work in the future. If you have not seen the video, please don’t waste anymore time and check it out!

Review written by Irma

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Seulong - That Moment
Engaging storyline and beautiful camera work. Incredible vocals and bittersweet melody.
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