Soyou returns with her first solo album since Sistar’s disbandment earlier this year, a 6-track mini album appropriately named “RE:BORN” with two title tracks, “I Still” featuring Sung Si Kyung (released on November 16th) and the recently released winter RnB track, “The Night”, featuring rap duo Geeks and produced by the ever in-demand Primary.

Jazzy and dreamy, the song uses a soft mid-tempo drumbeat, jazzy guitars and silky layered harmonies and strings to create a warm and cosy vibe, perfect for listening to while huddling up by the fire in winter. Subtle and understated, the instrumental leaves ample space for Soyou’s vocals and Geeks’ melodic rap to take centre stage, whilst still being atmospheric and groovy enough to hold its own. Indeed, while the vocals and main melody are perfectly listenable, it’s the tasteful and nostalgic arrangement of the instrumental that really make the song memorable, to the credit of the producer, Primary.

The lyrics are innocent and romantic, referencing imagery like the rise and tilt of the moon and the surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali, with the vocals and rap providing the point of view of the girl and boy respectively:

“The clock is tilting
Like a Salvador Dali painting
I’m afraid you’ll disappear
My heartbeat got faster
Girl you give me that vibes tho
Not any other girls around me”

The music video is similarly cosy and whimsical, following Soyou in her daily routine as she prepares for and goes on a date, getting a little tipsy in the process. Somehow, seeing Soyou tottering around her kitchen and bedroom, doing very normal things like brushing her teeth and overboiling a pot makes the video very cosy, homely and intimate, especially with her impressively natural acting, full of “aegyo” (cute charm). This is helped by the various quirky shots, such as the absurdly large full moon outside her window and a particularly fun shot where a tilt of the camera seems to tip Soyou out of one room into another.

Overall, the song and video are both very well done, adding a groovy winter RnB track to Soyou’s repertoire and this season’s playlist. While neither the song nor video push any real boundaries, the nostalgic sound is a refreshing change from the typical ballads released around this time, and the video perfectly displays both the song and Soyou’s natural charms.

Soyou - The Night
Good rap from Geeks which fits the vibe well
Excellent production from Primary
Refreshing sound for a winter song
Melody and video are not particularly interesting or memorable
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