Along with their ninth EP, T-ara have released an accompanying MV for their title track ‘What’s My Name?’, released on 14th June 2017. The MV brings the four remaining members of T-ara together in some beautiful locations and tells a story that makes us really feel for them and the love stories that they’re trying to convey.

The MV shows the four members in a school-like setting, and opens with a scene of four desks, upon which rests a rose on each, a glass bottle, and letter writing paper: two of the members finish writing their love letters and place them into the bottles. Whatever the significance of these roses, it leaves a beautiful image: they’re not roses but instead stained with red and mostly yellow. Are these actually symbols of love or something else?

The scenes that follow show each of the four members in their own romantic relationships, but in bright and beautiful settings. However, these seem to be memories long gone: instead, as they journey as individuals in their own locations (most likely in a university given the concert hall), they come together, holding hands, with their letters in bottles. Whatever the significance of these bottles are, we might never know. Ultimately, they all make the decision to go it alone and without their lovers and instead choose friends.

The scenes here are so beautifully filmed: we’re in bright locations, the sun shining brightly and not a single dull moment: even in the dark corridors, we get a deep sense of light and subsequent hope. This is not a song of regret: it’s a song of hope and one that leaves smiles on their faces.

Overall, this MV seems appropriate for the track: it’s fun and cute, but also from the MV gives us a deeper sense of friendships and relationships. The MV might be a way to showcase the steadfastness of the four remaining members of T-ara and their close relationship, or just a way of showing that in order to do what you want, you need to sacrifice something precious to you. Whatever the meaning, it’s a beautifully filmed and produced MV and one that fits T-ara’s style.

Review written by Tariq
T-ARA - What's my name
Entertainment: MBK Entertainment
Release date: 14 June 2017
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