Like with any title track, a performance MV is always necessary especially if the track an important choreography to it, and Taemin’s ‘Move’ is no different. Released as the title track for his second studio album, “Move”, released on 16th October 2017, the track has three MVs (the theatrical MV reviewed here; a solo performance; and duo performance reviewed below). Having three MVs only makes this track even more interesting: its sound already unique and particular to Taemin, the MVs showcase Taemin’s unique aesthetic and engagement with his style. Featuring Japanese choreographer Sugawara Koharu, the MV is highly fluid, unique, and most importantly showcases an important feature that few K-Pop MVs have dared to showcase: pure androgyny and gender fluidity.

As a full performance MV, we have to focus solely on the choreography, and whilst we get elements of the choreography in theatrical MV, it’s not enough to get a full sense of the MV. The choreography is beautiful to watch: fluid, harmonious, a mixture of street, jazz steps, and urban, it’s a definitely an amazing watch. Sugawara Koharu is also an amazing feature in this MV as a professional choreographer and whilst the worry might be that she could take the focus away from Taemin, it doesn’t happen at all: this is pure Taemin.

Of course, Sugawara Koharu’s inclusion in this MV is an important one. As noted in the theatrical MV, there is no difference between the male and female steps. They both execute the exact same choreography, wearing similar costumes, and matching each other in precision and accuracy in the both the typically feminine and typical masculine steps. It makes the performance ever more interesting to watch and gives it a dynamism that showcases the androgyny that Taemin is intending to showcase. Indeed, in his 25th October 2017 interview, Taemin says himself: “My aim was to find a middle ground, mixing both masculine and feminine movements into the choreography together.” It’s definitely a unique harmony and a winning combination.

Overall, it’s a great choreography, enhanced by some fantastic cinematography and neat transitions between full colour full body shots and black-and-white close-ups that give that clean finish and crisp presentation that ironically contrast—but harmonises—with the chaotic nature of the track itself. Whilst many might Taemin’s style jarring, it’s an important step to making K-Pop more inclusive and up-to-date and deviates from the more pop-heavy tendencies of idol groups that we have seen recently. Overall, SM has another winner!

Review by Tariq

Taemin - Move (#3 MV, Duo ver.)
Amazing and interesting choreography
so captivating! This is pure Taemin!
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