On 27th February, everyone’s favourite solo female artist, Taeyeon, released a new Music video for her song “FINE”. The video has currently over 9 million views on YouTube and it became the first video of a solo female artist to reach more than 3 Million views in 24 hours. Fans are always showing support for the artist, breaking records and winning awards for her.

The song is a beautiful love story, but really sad at the same time, talking about the artist not feeling herself lately due to a heartbreak. She is in love and suffering because the relationship is over and she can’t move on. She is trying to fill the days while doing other things like cleaning her room, but she still feels like something is not alright. She tries to look happy around other people, but everything is just a mask to hide her pain. It send a really heart-breaking message to anyone who has ever suffered from love.

The music video itself shows exactly the message of the song and that is what I love the most. It is really soft and aesthetically pleasing and it makes sense to the lyrics. We can see Taeyeon wondering around and remembering all the moments she had with her love one. She can’t concentrate on work, while she is at a photoshoot she starts crying and the staff has to check on her, because the memories are too strong. The flashbacks from the past relationship are really sweet and are showing a young couple in love, having a good time together and playing around. They seem so in love that it is hard to believe they had to break up. However, they do not show us the reason why the relationship is over.

She is trying to continue with her daily activities while she has to live with the pain of the love story that went wrong. It is really hard for her to concentrate and you can see the pain on her face while every day passes by. She gives you the impression that she became numb to any feelings and she is doing everything just because she has to, not because she is enjoying any of it. The music video itself send a tearful message and the way it is filmed it helps you engage with the characters and be a part of their story. While watching it I could feel her pain and emotions and I think that is the most important part from being an artist, touching other’s people souls with your work.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

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Taeyeon - Fine
It is beautifully filmed, and it shows the message of the lyrics.
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