VAV are back and brighter than ever with their latest music video “Dance with Me”. This music video marks the joining of the new member; Yoonho!

“Dance with Me” has a mysterious vibe to it. The female lead plays the role of a detective whilst the VAV boys look dubious as if they’re planning to pull off some grand heist, which makes sense considering the way they are playing with money(and all of the guns casually lying around the room)!

Although this was the idea I got at first, the music video DOES show different cut scenes of VAV dressed up as different professions such as policemen or builders. Who knows! It could be just a small part of their grand scheme.

One of my favourite things about this music video is how the set is cut in half; as in, once the camera angles out to give a full view of the building the music video is set in, it is cut in a way that we can see the activities going on in every room! Each room is coloured differently, which is a nice touch.

I love the cut scenes between the plot line. The VAV members look like they’re having the time of their lives dancing and goofing around! It is so easy to pick out each individual member too as their hairstyles and clothes are all so different and unique! If somebody were to be introduced to VAV for the first time, this is the music video I’d point them in the direction of!

As for the choreography, VAV bring forth a Michael Jackson / 80s vibe. The bare stage with nothing but dramatic backlights reminds me of a lot of star performances from the 80s. The VAV members not only pull it off in style, but they also kill their dance performance! The choreography looks totally in synch!

I really enjoyed watching this music video by VAV and I feel like it is a new turning point for them; the music video is superbly produced and the song has a great hook and chorus. I give it a 5 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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VAV - Dance With Me
Love the storyline and the 80s vibe, the eye-catching set is also fun to look at!

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