VAV are back again with a music video titled “She’s Mine“. If the title alone isn’t enough to make your heart skip a beat, then I recommend you watch the video!

The quality of “She’s Mine” from the get-go is once again, like their previous releases, like a movie and I was drawn in immediately! The music video starts off in quite an ominious way with a mysterious man wearing a mask standing in front of a door with a huge red and glowing “V” marked on it.  What’s behind the door is seemingly innocent enough; a sign on the wall lets us know the place is called “Music Cafe”! We see the VAV members exploring the joint; playing chess and also darts!

I have to say, the music video is the definition of sultry and mysterious! The choreography alone was enough to keep me interested in the music video! VAV really engage with the camera and it made me keep my eyes on them at all times!

Although I was a little unclear of the plot of music video at times, the VAV boys appeared to be uncomfortable with each other in the music video(acting, of course!) as they glance at eachother over their drinks. It appears they drank too much, however, as the music video progresses, the camera lense becomes blurry as if to imply that the boys are drunk. Things then take a turn for the worse as member Ayno wakes up sober, and chained to a chair surrounded by cameras. How creepy.

I won’t spoil any more of the music video, however it is something I would highly recommend to watch! There are so many aesthetically pleasing shots and the styling of the VAV boys is fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the music video and I will definitely come back to it in the future! It is a very well made and produced music video and once again, VAV have shown us that they have more than star potential! I give “She’s Mine” a 5 out of 5 rating!

Review by Izzy

VAV - She's Mine
I love the camera work and visuals!
The plot of the music video was a bit hard to follow in the beginning!
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