For the holidays, VIXX decided to gift their loyal fans with the music video “Shooting Star”! It is a cute festive themed music video that truly evokes the holiday spirit!

The music video is very simple: it shows six panels showing each member of VIXX playing and showing off in front of the camera. The VIXX members are all kitted-out in warm winter clothes, with the main colour concept being white, like snow!

There is no story to this music video, it is simple fan service! For the duration of the Christmas song, each member gets to play with the camera and show off their charms, be it acting silly, cute, or demonstrating their dancing.

I quite liked the camera effects for this music video! Throughout the video there are little animations running along the screen like an animated “shooting star” lyric and animated Christmas decorations!

As a Christmas present, this video was perfect for fans! There is not a lot going on in it however, and I would play this music video just to listen to the great song! Visually, I got bored of watching after about a minute or so.

I give this music video a 4 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

VIXX - Shooting Star
Great video for giving fan service and thanks to fans!
It is a little bit dull to watch after a minute or so.
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