On July 11th, the band VROMANCE released the music video for their song ‘She‘!

The song starts off with a drum intro, played by Mamamoo’s Hwasa in an… original way. It then starts for real with an addictive disco vibe. The members’ voices are as usual perfectly harmonious. It is a simple song with a joyful rhythm which will make you groove for sure!

The video itself is also funny to watch. From an elderly couple to two kids, classical dancers, a man and a girl having bumped in each other’s shopping trolley, or highschool girls, all of the characters appearing are dancing. Even though the video is really simple with no real set, it doesn’t feel empty and is never boring to watch. The festive feeling is well-delivered.

Hwasa also makes more appearance, dancing with her label-mates. In the end, everyone end up dancing together cheerfully.

The lyrics talk about starting to see a long-time friend in a new light and suddenly feeling your heart race when looking at her. Will VROMANCE members be able to seduce you with their flashy pink suits? Check out the music video!

Review written by Jéhanne

Addictive and joyful
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