Winner are back again with brand new work and fans are more excited than ever. We all know about the “YG basement” jokes, and how it is hard to artists to get out of there, but Winner have mananged to do so. They are back with 2 new MV’s that are showing a more mature look and sound, after Taehyun’s sad departure. But the 4 remaining members brought brand new music to their loyal fans, new concepts and catchy beats. I have to say, the Inner Circle is one of the most loyal fanbases I have ever seen. They have waited peacefully for Winner’s comeback and the waiting was not in vain.

The second music video is called “Fool” and the music video is as sad as the lyrics. The music video is just pure art. The scenery is gorgeous, the background fits with the story, the aesthetics are spectacular and everything is matching with the touching lyrics.

I can honestly say, this is one of the most emotional videos I have ever watched. You can actually feel the member’s pain while he is singing the song. There are 2 main parts, the one where the members are suffering over a lost love, blaming themselves for ruining the relationship and calling themselves fools, and the second one where we can see the females. Every member has his own unique story and they are showing different concepts. It is interesting to see how each one of them are expressing their feelings differently. They are showing a big amount of emotion, and they are excellent actors.

I’m most impressed with the message of the song, which matches perfectly with the story of the music video. If you are suffering from love, this is the song for you. If you are having a bad time, this song has the perfect message to send. Even if you are in a perfect relationship, trust me this video will touch your soul.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

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Winner - Fool
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