Winner are back again with brand new work and fans are more excited than ever. We all know about the “YG basement” jokes, and how it is hard to artists to get out of there, but Winner have managed to do so. They are back with 2 new MV’s that are showing a more mature look and sound, after Taehyun’s sad departure. But the 4 remaining members brought brand new music to their loyal fans, new concepts and catchy beats. I have to say, the Inner Circle is one of the most loyal fanbases I have ever seen. They have waited peacefully for Winner’s comeback and the waiting was not in vain.

The first MV that they released is for the song called “Really Really”. The beat is really catchy and energetic, and it makes you wanna get up from your seat and dance! It has a pop beat and it reminds me of a more Latino song, maybe because of the dancing as well. The MV is black and white and the members are wearing class fashionable suits.

What I like the most ab out the video is that the dancers are westerners, something you almost never see in a Kpop video. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Asian dancers, but it is nice to see some diversity.

The choreography is really well executed, as always, and they show no flaws or mistakes. Every move goes smoothly, and they look like they are enjoying themselves. Because of the moves, I feel like the video gives you a sexy energy.

The style and the concept look really modern and authentic and it is something we have never seen the boys doing before.

Review written by Andreea Cristina

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Winner - Really Really
catchy beat and unique looks and concept
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