SM Station have warmed the cold January nights with the of release of ‘Darling U’ on the 22nd January. ‘Darling U’ is a wonderful collaboration, combining the sweet voices of Super Junior’s Yesung and Red Velvet’s Seulgi. The lyrics explore the relationship between two people who love each other but are unsure of the other’s feelings.

Cute and classic is the perfect way to describe this video. The video is an array of soft colours and sweet symbolisms for love, from the heart shaped toast to a pair of snails. Yesung and Seulgi act shy and nervous in their quest to discover if the other shares their feelings. The “lovers” communicate with one another via a charming green telephone, which is more romantic than the typical mobile phone. Both Yesung and Seulgi look gorgeous in this video, their appearance fitting with the soft tone of the video.

Honestly, this video is has everything you’d expect from a sweet song about innocent love: gorgeous couple, a shy approach and adorable moments. This MV starts off cute with Seulgi hugging a teddy bear and ends with a large dose of adorable as they both shyly cling to the wall, building up the courage to greet each other (Aww). Oh and is that a couple outfit we see? Yesung dons a pink sweater at the start of the video while Seulgi wears a pink sweater for the majority of the video (albeit a different shade of pink).

Although this video is lovely and oozes adorableness, it lacks originality. The scenes are similar to all the other cute shy love stories out there. There is no catchy choreography to learn, which is fitting as the beat doesn’t allow for such but some choreography could have given this video a little pizzaz. Personally, there’s isn’t anything that stands to make this a memorable video. That being said, this is still a lovely video to watch.

Overall, this is a lovely video to watch if you’re in the mood for a sweet love story.

Review written by Celena

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Yesung and Seulgi - Darling U
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