On April 13th, Zico dropped the music video “She’s a Baby”, a track that is also taking the music charts by storm.

The music video stars Zico and a female lead. I love how they are both styled in Spring colours and the way they are dressed to look youthful. I particularly like how the female lead’s makeup is done – it is dewy and soft; the music video is certainly following the latest makeup trends!

The music video is a collection of colourful sets and interesting artistic shots. Some shots of Zico are in black and white to add a stark contrast too. Honestly speaking, there are so many scenes of different coloured rooms that its hard for the eye to keep up with at times, but the colours of each room are aesthetically pleasing. The music video even goes for a slight vapour-wave feeling with the almost ironically poorly-graphic’d ocean backdrop against a shot of Zico.

As for the story of the music video itself, it was hard to catch onto at the start but it appears that the female lead is younger than she seems – she is like a child trying to act as an adult, hence “she’s a baby” being the song title. Some imagery in the music video adds onto this effect such as when she grasps onto Zico’s hand (well, finger) – her hand seems tiny in comparison, like a real baby. 

It’s obvious that Zico has affectionate feelings for the female lead as he gazes at her through a tunnel lense and smiles at her longing at the end of the video singing the lyrics “I’m so jealous of your boyfriend, really”. What a plot twist.

My favourite thing about the music video is definitely the song itself, it’s no wonder it’s a chart topper. It seems different from Zico’s usual harder-style music. This song is soft and whimsical to suit the spring season and the rap is the perfect touch. 5 out of 5 rating!

Review written by Isabelle

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ZICO - She's a Baby
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