Nakayama Yuma will be releasing his new single “Tokoton Got It”  on July 15.



The talented singer Nakayama Yuma has made plans to drop his new single, “Tokoton Got It”, on July 15. Among the tracks on the single is “Tongari Corn” a song for House Food’s new CM of the same name.



“Tokoton Got It” will be available in different editions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and a Regular Edition.



Limited Edition A and B will contain the song “Chokinbako”  which was composed by SHOCK EYE. The single’s Regular Edition will feature three tracks: “Shining”, “Summer Buddies”, and “Hoshikuzu TRAIN”.



The Limited Edition A version of “Tokoton Got It” will also feature the promotional video and making-of video for “Tokoton Got It”, while the Limited Edition B version will feature the making-of video for “Chokinbako” and also the promotional video.



If you’re interested in purchasing Nakayama Yuma’s new single, why not pre-order all three editions? You will receive a fabulous pen holder piggy bank!