Natsume Mito gives some details on her 3rd single! 



Natsume Mito‘s new single will be released on April 6th, titled “I’ll do my best”! She is working with Yasutaka Nakata from CAPSULE for her new song. Japanese miso company Marukome will use her new single’s B-side track in their project.



Natsume Mito also talked about her new tour! The tour titled “The Simpleton Natsume Mito” will include 3 concerts and start on May 5th and end May 15th.



Check out the jacket covers and the track list of the single below:


1. I’ll do my best
2. Moshimo Cooking
3. I’ll do my best (Inst.)
4. Moshimo Cooking (Inst.)


Limited Edition 



Regular Version