There is a new Korean boy group on the block as the boys of All-Star (올스타) tease their followers for their upcoming debut.



All-Star (올스타) is a new and upcoming 5-member boy group that will be making their debut soon. There has not been a debut date set yet, but they have revealed on their official Facebook page that they have recently begun the filming for their music video.



While their debut date has yet to be released, take a look through the boys profiles below and learn a bit more about the upcoming sweet boys:








Ha Rang (하랑)


Position: Leader, Lead Vocals

Specialty: Ballads, Musical performer, Musical songs, Stage Director, Football, Baseball, Singing, Traditional Korean Opera (pansori)

Hobby: Watching Movies, Visiting Restaurants








Noah (노아)


Position: Main Vocals

Specialty: Composition, Guitar, Piano, English

Hobby: Watching Movies








Dal (달)


Position: Vocals, Main Dancer

(Check out the video of Dal dancing to EXO’s Growl HERE)

Specialty: Creating Dance Choreography

Hobby: Exercise, Listening to Music








Hoony (후니)


Position: Vocals / Sub-vocals

Specialty: Cooking, Girl Group Dances, Reading

Hobby: Lively Expressions, Acting








Joon Hyeon (준현)


Position: Rapper

Specialty: Writing Raps

Hobby: Dancing, Acoustic Guitar, Exercise




Have you picked who your bias will be yet? Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming boys and their future debut. Meanwhile, check out their official Facebook page [HERE] to stay up-to-date on what they are doing.