Nihilizm will be releasing their first full album this autumn.



The Japanese visual kei band Nihilizm has recently announced at a live show in Ikebukuro EDGE in Tokyo that they will release their first full album on October 28th.



This album will be titled “arguere-アルグエレ-” and will contain 12 twelve tracks altogether plus an additional DVD! Up until now, Nihilizm have only released the singles “Parasite” and “Symbosis”, so the prospect of a new album is already making fans feel very excited!



The band also have made plans for a short tour, “-The Atheist Denied All-“, which will be held at Ikebukuro EDGE Tokyo on November 9th, Osaka Ruido on November 11th, and Nagoya Holiday Next on November 12th.  There will also be a celebratory live at Takadanobaba AREA on November 25th as it will be Nihilizm’s 2nd anniversary!



Be sure to attend the upcoming performances of Nihilizm! Their new album will definitely go down a hit!